I want to schedule my page once a day

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Thread: I want to schedule my page once a day

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    Prads Guest

    Default I want to schedule my page once a day

    I want to write a code for scheduling my page once a day at the mentioned timing,<BR>I tried using winnt scheduled tasks option and gave the timing<BR>and schedule daily at this time, but it gives the status<BR>"could not start".<BR>I dont want to use sqlmail, I want to schedule my ASP page only.<BR>How should I proceed?<BR>Is there any other way to proceed, some component, or other stuff or program, etc which I can incorporate.<BR><BR>It&#039s little urgent,<BR>So try to pass some comments or suggestion.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Prads

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    Rodney Guest

    Default How busy is your site?

    How busy is your site?<BR><BR>You could set an Application variable such as:<BR><BR>Application ("TimeLastTaskWasRun")<BR><BR>Then in your Session_OnStart() you could evaluate:<BR><BR>varTime = Now<BR>varScheduledTime = TimeValue("5:00:00 PM")<BR><BR>If datediff("h", Application ("TimeLastTaskWasRun"), varTime ) &#062; 24 Then<BR><BR>Do Task<BR>Application.Lock<BR>Application ("TimeLastTaskWasRun") = Now<BR>Appliation.Unlock<BR><BR>End If

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    Prads Guest

    Default Thanks a lot but ......

    Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion.<BR><BR>I am developing a Intranet site, so it is not so busy.<BR>Also I am little new to Asp, so I have&#039nt used Sessions<BR>previously.<BR>Can you tell me some articles or is your code enough so that<BR>I can just paste it and try whether it is working.<BR>But the main thing is I want to learn this in details.<BR>So if there is any good article on this please pass me the site<BR>address. <BR><BR>Thanks a lot,<BR>Pradnya<BR>

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