I have good working knowledge in C++, Visual Basic, Unix, MS-DOS and I am only half-way done in this 6-month programming course that I have undertaken. Before this, I was a science teacher who &#039squeezed the guts&#039 out of IT for instructional purposes. I&#039d like to switch to programming ( so, the reason for embarking on this course) and ..I&#039d be looking for a suitable job soon enough (-ready to start work 2nd week of January, 2001 to be exact) ...I&#039m scouting around for opportunities in Calgary, Alberta. If you have something for me in Calgary (or know of someone who could have something for me), I would DEFINITELY like to hear about it. DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY. ...If not, at least some advice ...I liked everything I learnt so far and honestly, I enjoyed every bit of it ...At present, my options are open ....the only limiting factor is -it has to be in Calgary. Help..<BR><BR>JobSearching