im running win2k and while connecting to database (access .mdb) ie5 slows down and my simple page wheres the only asp part is connecting to the database loads almost 1minute. if im trying to read from database and 2 mess with it little bit more it loads properly but its take much more time then it supposed to be. couple of days ago everything was fine and my pages where flying the way they should be but now it takes long time even only to connect to database. i think ive checked everything that usually matters with such problems and win2k works fine, ive got enough space on hdd etc. the only problem is with connecting to database and it doesent make any different if its dsn or dsn-less connection. i suppose that problem is very simple to resolve but i think that im still 2 lame and ve got no idea what 2 do (except reinstaling win2k ;) so if any1 knows wheres the problem thx in advance for any help ;)<BR>