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    I have created an application that allows a web user to navigate through a displayed directory structure and UPLOAD files to what ever directory they choose. The file is to be staged on this server and transfered to another. My app then creates a file (.dat) that lists FTP info (IP address, UserId, Password, Directory Path, Local Directory Path and Put command for the File). I want it to execute the .dat file and delete it and the uploaded file. Everything works, except I can&#039t seem to execute the .dat file from the ASP. I have tried it manually and it works well (ex: ftp -n -v -s:C:InetPubwwwrootMyApp rans.dat). Has anyone run across anything remotely similar? If so what was your solution. I have tried "WScript.Shell" unsuccessfully. Am looking for direction. Thanx

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    There is a free component from that allow you to execute DOS-style commands from ASP. You might give it a try.<BR><BR>

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    Thank you much Bill I&#039ll give it a try.

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