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    newtoo Guest

    Default # parameters

    I&#039m getting this error<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver]Wrong number of parameters <BR> from this line: rstemp.open query1, dbConn<BR><BR>any ideas?<BR>thanks

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    E! Guest

    Default Need some code...


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    newtoo Guest

    Default code

    set rstemp=Server.CreateObject("adodb.Recordset") <BR><BR><BR> query1 = "SELECT * FROM allclo WHERE Complete Date = Null AND Owner = nm Or Owner = m AND a loc LIKE ????WV* AND CKTSTAT = p AND Date Due &#062;= Date() ORDER BY Date Due asc"<BR><BR> rstemp.open query1, dbConn

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    E! Guest

    Default RE: code

    It looks like you have many string values... You need to quote these... Break this statement down... Get one select working, then build upon it... Use Response.Write to debug and verify how your sql string is getting built...

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    newtoo Guest

    Default how do i deal with fields that have spaces in them

    if i have a filed called Due date<BR>how do i put this in a query?<BR><BR>like this?<BR>select*form table where Due date &#062;=Date()

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    E! Guest

    Default RE: how do i deal with fields that have spaces in

    Not sure... I&#039m reaching here...<BR><BR>select * form table where (Due date) &#062;=Date()<BR><BR><BR>I always use one word for field names...<BR><BR>Anyone else have a suggestion?<BR>

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