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    ramjaane Guest

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    How to redirect a page from another page with some data so that it is taken into requests form object in the redirected page

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    Put the data into hidden fields <BR>OR<BR>Pass the data as a querystring

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    AspHead Guest

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    I assume you are talking about a POST redirect. That is, having already POSTed data to an ASP page, then using Response.Redirect, go to another ASP page with your POSTed data following along.<BR><BR>If that is what you are trying to do, there is no easy way to do it, in IIS4. I am hoping ASP+ will do this easily, but havent had an opportunity to work with it yet.<BR><BR>In order to pass data forward, you have a few options. Put all of the POSTed data you need on the redirect querystring, or use cookies negating the need for POST or GET, or you could write an intermediate page to the browser placing all of the posted data in hidden fields in a form, then using ONLOAD of the page automatically submit the form. Its a lot of round-trips, but if your requirement is you must use POST, it is a solution.<BR><BR>One other solution, I have heard of third-party components that will forward your POSTed data on to another ASP page. 15Seconds.Com has a big list of components that are available.<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Cookies will never get set when you use a Response.Redirect<BR><BR>There is a reply from me below, that Atrax posted somewhere several months ago, that explains this.

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    AspHead Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Just for clarification, the solutions presented were seperate solutions. I didnt think that it needed to be said, but I guess it did. If you are going to use cookies, or hidden form fields returned to the client, you wouldnt use redirect, because the information wouldnt process on the client.<BR><BR>I saw your message earlier Steve, thanks for reposting Atrax&#039s message. I knew cookies couldnt be set when using redirect, but didnt know exactly what message/codes were being sent to the client. It was helpful, thanks again.

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