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    This &#039sort of&#039 pertains to ASP, since I will be using ASP to access this database... I am a Front-end guy who needs to make a simple data model and DB in SQL Server 7. Problem is, I have never built an SQL DB. I am wondering where any of you learned to use SQL Server. Are there any decent tutorials on how to build a database using SQL Server 7? Tutorials on accessing it through ASP would be cool as well. I have been staring at my Enterprise manager snap in for hours and pulled out much of my hair. I am a lost pup. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail

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    A couple of URLs from my favourites might be of use.<BR>I&#039m fairly new to all this myself but these and the wealth of stuff on 4guys (which I&#039ve still only scratched the surface of)was enough to get a fairly complex database driven website up and running. However, it took me a long time and much of my coding is cack-handed so I need to learn to do stuff properly now! All the best.<BR><BR><BR>-with interactive sql interpreter<BR><BR><BR>This "Your First Database" I found mighty handy.<BR><BR>Gareth<BR>

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