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    How can i disable browser refresh button.<BR>Pl help

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    Default You Can't - read this

    I wish people would stop asking how to disable people&#039s browser functionality<BR><BR>FYI you can&#039t<BR><BR>turn off view-&#062;source<BR>disable refresh<BR>absolutely kill caching (you can only discourage)<BR>change security settings (disabling activeX alerts, for instance)<BR>and a whole load of other stuff.<BR><BR>so stop asking<BR><BR>j

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    u can hide the entire menubar using window.open method and hope that the user is not smart enough to know that he can use F5 to refresh the page.<BR>try<BR>window.open("yourpage.html"," ","menubar=no")

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    Default RE: You Can't - read this

    Nice try...<BR>If there was a static audience to web servers then your message would have some value but I think your wasting your keystrokes<BR>:&#062;)

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