i am trying to follow an article on the msdn titled: "SQL Server 2000: New XML Features Streamline Web-centric App Development"<BR><BR>in the article it is explained how to use the url with sql queries and get the answer in xml format on the browser.<BR>I created vroot, and typed sql query on the url: "http://myserver/myvroot/?sql=SELECT+*+From+MyTable+For+XML+AUTO".<BR>this works fine.<BR>now i want to use it with xsl file.<BR>i typed "http://myserver/myvroot/?sql=SELECT+*+From+MyTable+For+XML+AUTO&xsl=http://MyServer/myvroot/myfile.xsl" and i get http 400.<BR>this xsl file works fine against xml file with the same structure as the query returns on a simple asp file.<BR>also i tried to run xml file on url with template: the xml file looks like this:<BR>"&#060;root&#062;<BR>&#060;sql:query xmlns:sql="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:<BR>xml-sql"&#062;<BR>select * from my table FOR XML AUTO<BR>&#060;/sql:query&#062;<BR>&#060;/root&#062;"<BR>and this i cannot run on url.<BR><BR>please help