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    tejas Guest

    Default how to set autotab

    i wish to accept data of fixed length say 4 characters.<BR>once the user enters 4 characters the focus should jump automatically to the next tabindex.<BR>how can this be achieved in javascript?

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    Default perhaps not so relevant, but

    that&#039s not very nice UI, perhaps it&#039s stupid of me to ask, but have you concidered size attribute?<BR><BR>&#060;input type=text sixe=4 maxlength=x ...&#062;

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    tejas Guest

    Default size field doesnt work

    thanks for the suggestion.however the size field doesnt seem to enable tab shifting.<BR>i have specified size attribute but to no avail.<BR>there has to be some way out....

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    Default RE: size field doesnt work

    no, I didn&#039t suggest size to enable tagging.<BR>size is going to allowed only 4 characters to be typed in the field. After that user will move to another field since he have nothing to do in the current.<BR><BR>The reason I&#039m suggesting you this is because what you suggest isn&#039t concedered to be pretty. That&#039s all

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    Go Hokies!!!!! Guest

    Default RE: how to set autotab

    Check out this link . . .<BR><BR><BR>

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