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    Is there a way to control a browser from another browser via the Internet ? <BR><BR>For example, in a browser based chat window (no Java or ActiveX, just simple browser window) is it possible for one window to send a URL to the other window and this other window will open that URL automatically ?<BR><BR>There is something called Push Technology... Probably this technolgoy can help ?<BR><BR>Any help will be much appreciated. thanks.<BR><BR>

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    Default thank god no


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    Why no. Yes, it sounds scary, but of course to a limited extent only.<BR>I used one web site&#039s chat. The window NEVER refresh itself (with a timer) unless there is data to be sent/refreshed. For example, my chating window will only refresh IF my friend on the other end hit the &#039Send&#039 button. The scripts didn&#039t use the meta refresh method.<BR><BR>Now, how this is achieved ??<BR><BR>

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