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    Hi , <BR><BR>I had a problem with Filesystem object MOVEFILE method. what i am trying to do is ,<BR>i am using movefile method of file system object ,i had two folder &#039myimages&#039 & &#039images&#039 ,so i am trying to move the image (jpg or GIF file Ext.) file from myimages to images folder, before moving i am checking that the file that i am moving to image folder is already present or not.If it present than i am deleting that file then moving the file in that folder with the same name.the code is as follow.<BR><BR>Set fso =server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR> if (fso.FileExists("C:imagesmypic.jpg")) then<BR> fso.DeleteFile("C:imagesmypic.jpg") <BR> end if<BR> fso.MoveFile " C:myimagesmypic1.jpg","C:imagesmypic.jpg" <BR><BR><BR>Sometimes it work but some times it give me the PERMISSION DENIED ERROR.<BR>for your information i am using WINNT & IIS server. I had check the folder all my folder had a full control permission as well as my IIS had a write permission.<BR>I am not getting why such strange thing hapenning. If anybody knows about it please help me.

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    weird. does it work on an immediate refresh?<BR><BR>j

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    Not i would not work even though u refresh . I think sometimes the file get locked while using delete command...what u think

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