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    Hello,<BR>I am having the following situation. One one form a user can enter several parameters to find a certain order: from - to order number, from - to date, etc. Based on that form a query is built dynamically to generate a list of all the orders that match the criteria (order list page).<BR>I display all the orders in a table as I move through the recordsets. Each line in the table has a hyperlink to a page that displays detail about that particular order (order detail page).<BR>So far, so good. What I want to achieve now is the following. If the search results generate only one order, I want to skip the &#039order list&#039 page and jump immediately to the &#039order detail&#039 page. Response-redirect will not work as I already started building the page. Server.transfer does not work on my server.<BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>Olivier

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    response.redirect WILL not work???<BR><BR>try with the &#060;%response.buffer = true%&#062; at the top of the screen and it SHOULD work

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    Check the record count before you start writing the html and if the count = 1 the redirect

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