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    Is it possible to use response.write to output text, variables or database fields (values) to a frame on the same page. If it is I cannot seem to get the syntax correct. Thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    Default This, too, needs to be in FAQ...

    No.<BR><BR>The Web server has *NO IDEA* what it is connected to! It could very well be that the client making the HTTP request is actually a Web "spider" that is just searching or indexing sites. The HTTP protocol is very simple: "Give me back the contents of this page." <BR><BR>With ASP, you can make the contents of a Web page dynamic (e.g., depend on a database or user form input or or or), but you can *STILL* only "give back the contents of this page." Period.<BR><BR>ANY use of multiple frames and/or windows *MUST* be driven by code that runs on the browser. In other words, client-side JavaScript (unless you are doing an inTRAnet project and can live with MSIE only). Or, if you are that advanced, Java. <BR><BR>But you can NEVER change WHERE the output from RESPONSE goes to. Understand, RESPONSE is *actually* sending data to the Web server and the Web server then sends the info on to the client. So ASP can only do what the Web server can do. Period.<BR><BR>In summary, learn client-side JavaScript.<BR><BR>

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