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    wduty Guest

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    [I posted this also in the advanced asp forum a little while ago before I was aware that this forum existed. Sorry for posting twice]<BR><BR>I am having problems moving a VB COM dll to another server. I have a simple COM object and it works on my computer but when I move the dll to another server and register it I get:<BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object<BR><BR>when I try to invoke it from an asp page. I haven&#039t been working with COM that long. Could it be because the dll was created in visual studio on a win98 machine then moved to NT 4? <BR><BR>I didn&#039t use any project references except the default ones because the object is just an algorithm and doesn&#039t open any databases or use any asp intrinsics.<BR><BR>I know that the object is registering because when I run the page and get the above error then UNregister the dll then run the page again, the error changes to the usual "server.createObject failed"<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039ll post the object code if anyone wants to see it.

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    Doug McDowell Guest

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    I would like to see the code. What version of IIS are you running? Do you have VB installed on the server? If so, can you create a simple VB program and call the methods of your component from there?

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    will duty Guest

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    Actually I figured it out. It&#039s hard to say what the problem was. I recompiled the dll with a new class string dll a new VB project and tried again and it works fine. The version was IIS4.0/NT4. <BR><BR>Thanks for responding though.

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    Srinivasa Bhavanam Guest

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    Try to register your dll using the following command<BR><BR>regsvr32 "your dll"

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