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    wduty Guest

    Default moving COM dll to new server...

    I am having problems moving a VB COM dll to another server. I have a simple COM object and it works on my computer but when I move the dll to another server and register it I get:<BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object<BR><BR>when I try to invoke it from an asp page. I haven&#039t been working with COM that long. Could it be because the dll was created in visual studio on a win98 machine then moved to NT 4? <BR><BR>I didn&#039t use any project references except the default ones because the object is just an algorithm and doesn&#039t open any databases or use any asp intrinsics.<BR><BR>I know that the object is registering because when I run the page and get the above error then UNregister the dll then run the page again, the error changes to the usual "server.createObject failed"<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039ll post the object code if anyone wants to see it.<BR><BR>

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    wduty Guest

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    Actually, I figured out the problem. It seems that if the dll exists anywhere other than the winntsystem32 directory at the time you initially try to register the dll you will get this error. Even unregistering the component, deleting all instances of it and starting over doesn&#039t work (maybe a registry key is not properly removed). So I compiled the same code under a completely new class string and moved it DIRECTLY INTO THE SYSTEM32 DIRECTORY ONLY. Then registering was OK. Thanks if anyone was going to reply to this thread.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default That doesn't make sense

    In fact, I have all my ASP COM dlls in a directory that I created (searching through sys32 is just a PITA). I even can have them registered with MTS, and they&#039re not in the system32 directory.<BR><BR>Are you sure this isn&#039t something else?

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    will duty Guest

    Default RE: That doesn't make sense

    Well Steve, you obviously have far more experience on this than I do. I just read something to that effect on some site and found that it seemed to take care of the problem. <BR><BR>Since I&#039m relatively new at this it could certainly be something else completely unrelated to this that was causing the problem. Also, I&#039m accessing the server I&#039m working on through PCAnywhere and there might have been some transfer problem the first time I uploaded it. Sorry if I made an inaccurate pronouncement.<BR><BR>It does sound like a good idea to have the dlls related to a site in a specific directory, so I&#039ll try again and see if it works this time.<BR><BR>I will say that I&#039ve installed several other COM dlls since and they&#039re all working fine (though they are in system32). <BR><BR>Question:<BR>I know enough C++ to probably tackle ATL COM if I make a determined effort. Do you think there&#039s enough performance advantage to bother?

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