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    Mark Turkel Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have about 15-20 hours a week available for ASP/VB development. I am very professional, have excellent references, and have been programming for over 15 years, ASP for SOLID 2+ years, VB since version 1.0. Comfortable using scripting languages as well, JScript, JavaScript, DHTML. I am also well versed with Oracle, SQL Server, Access and ADO.<BR><BR>Phone: 561-350-5190, email:<BR><BR>You can see my resume at - Click on my name at the top.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mark Turkel

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    Would you be available for a 3 month contract in Colorado Springs?

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    Kapil Arora Guest

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    I have 3 yrs of experience in ASP/Vb/ SQL Server and related technologies. If you still have the position contact me at 480.695.7784<BR>or send me an email at<BR>thanks,<BR>kapil

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    Mark Turkel Guest

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    No, sorry, not for 3 months -- but I am available for telecommute, and I have excellent references so you can feel comfortable working with me...<BR><BR>My number is 561-350-5190

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