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    I am a little curious.<BR><BR>Can you have your global.asa file in the root directory(which is where it belongs) and another global.asa file in a virtual directory&#039s root (as long as you&#039ve explicitly declared that folder an application through iis?) I ask because I thought this was how you could have more than one global.asa, but in a former post a guy mentions that you have to declare your virtual directory&#039s root as an application and then move the global.asa file from the main root into the folder. I was under the impression you could have more than one global.asa file as long as it was stored in a virtual directory that had been explicitly declared an application.<BR><BR>Please help my sanity and clarify this... <BR><BR><BR>

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    Consider this: If you could only have one Global.asa per server, then how in the world would all these ISPs that put hundreds of user sites on a single machine function???<BR><BR>Of course you can have one per application. That&#039s almost the *definition* of an application: A virtual directory with a Global.asa file. <BR><BR>

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    Thanks Bill. I thought that you could, but some guy was trying to tell me that you could only have one global.asa file and I just wanted to make sure that what I thought was correct.

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