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    Default ASPChart used to sell an ASP component called ASPChart. They no longer sell or distribute it but I&#039ve noticed several ISPs still advertise it as one of their features that come with their hosting packages. Can anyone please tell me where I can get this component? Thanks.

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    I think you answered your own question. They flat out won&#039t sell it anymore. I don&#039t believe they support it anymore, either, much to our dismay.<BR><BR>If an ISP lists it as a feature they have, then they bought it before it was axed. If you&#039re using one of those ISPs, just get the documentation from them and you should be on your merry way. Otherwise, look into other options. Excel 2000 is supposed to have a pretty good charting feature. As a matter of fact, we&#039re planning on upgrading our application that is currently running on ASPChart to use Office 2000. ASPChart is very limited in its formatting capabilities.<BR><BR>Best of luck!

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