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    I am new to ASP but i am trying this for a long time. I have a page from where i am selecting the month and retrieving records from DB. Once this data is retrieved it gets displayed on the next page. I want to check one of the records using the checkbox and modify the record. On checking the record using checkbox the value of the SSN(field name in DB) gets assigned to that record which is selected. On clicking the modify button the SQL statement should then run in which that record whose value is the same as the SSN of that record should be selected and displayed.<BR><BR>The name of the checkbox in my HTML page is CheckboxID and value is "&("SSN")&"<BR><BR>On my next page i have the SQL statement saying "Select * from Table where Table.SSN=(the CheckboxID value)<BR><BR>Could u show the syntax for it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    SQL = "Select * from Table where Table.SSN=&#039" & Request("CheckboxID") & "&#039"<BR><BR>should do it.<BR><BR>You really ought to go to and read all the "database lessons" that are there. They would have helped you solve this one and will likely help you solve many others.<BR><BR>

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