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    does anyone know why this code<BR>&#039 Add Item to cart<BR>IF productID &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR> sqlString = "SELECT cart_id FROM cart " &_<BR> "WHERE cart_userID=" & userID & " " &_<BR> "AND cart_productID=" & productID<BR> SET RS = Con.Execute( sqlString )<BR> IF RS.EOF THEN<BR> sqlString = "INSERT INTO cart ( " &_<BR> "cart_userID, " &_<BR> "cart_productID, " &_<BR> "cart_quantity " &_<BR> ") VALUES ( " &_<BR> userID & ", " &_<BR> productID & ", 1 )"<BR> ELSE<BR> sqlString = "UPDATE cart SET " &_<BR> "cart_quantity=cart_quantity+1 " &_<BR> "WHERE cart_id=" & RS( "cart_id" ) <BR> END IF<BR> RS.Close<BR> SET RS = Nothing<BR> Con.Execute sqlString<BR>END IF<BR><BR>gives this error:<BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E10)<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.<BR>/Aspfiles/addCart.asp, line 11<BR><BR>thanks

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    We would like to see the value of "sqlString" just before it is executed. Cant make out much by looking at you BUILDING the query<BR><BR>cart_quantity=cart_quantity+1 --&#062; are you just increasing the currnet value in the DB by one here<BR><BR>does "RS( "cart_id" )" have a value when you do the UPDATE<BR><BR>This part i am not aboe to read properly give me the query<BR>INSERT INTO cart ( " &_<BR>"cart_userID, " &_<BR>"cart_productID, " &_<BR>"cart_quantity " &_<BR>") VALUES <BR>TRY this<BR>INSERT INTO cart (cart_userID, cart_productID, cart_quantity) values.... --&#062; check the syntax of the insert query.

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