This is a response to a prior post:<BR><BR>Here is a miscrosoft 3-tier web app:<BR><BR>Presentation(web/IIS) --&#062; BusinessObjects(COM object) --&#062; Data (SQLDatabase)<BR><BR>A Business Object is a compiled object that interacts <BR>with the presentation and Data services.<BR>It allows you to use your business rules (such as:<BR>certain formulas for data entered, etc.) in one object.<BR>Placing you business logic a COM object allows all COM<BR>compliant applications to use the business rules, not just<BR>the web. You can use it in a client appplication, etc.<BR><BR>more info on N-tier applications here:<BR><BR><BR>a N-tier architecture is not exclusive to microsoft, I just<BR>used that as an example since this forum is on ASP<BR><BR>hope this helps :)<BR><BR><BR>