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    Hiho<BR><BR>I have an Asp project that started in jscript, cause i think VBScript code is really ugly. I hate all the functions without objects like in jscript and syntax is bullshit... (think to operators, FOR, LOOP and so on).<BR><BR>Now I saw that in VBScript Date and the Format functions are much better or missing in JScript... and I would like to know if there are other advantages of using vbscript and where it should be better to use it.

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    Well, here is why I think you should convert to VBScript:<BR><BR>- It&#039s better in my opinion<BR><BR>- The vast majority of people us it meaning you&#039ll find more resources and support<BR><BR>- ASP+ will use straight VB (among other things), so learning VBScript now will pay off in the future

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