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    Elaine Guest

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    I am reading the contents of the DB which is in the Binary format converting it to text and creating XML files. <BR><BR>The Stylesheets allows you to Edit / View the content.<BR><BR>When the user edits the content, the new content is again written to the xml files. What I want to do is when the user clicks Update I want to write the contents of the XML file to the DB in the Binary format. Can anybody please suggest the best way of doing this. I am new to XML. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

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    wduty Guest

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    What do you mean the database content is in the binary format? Is it blob data?<BR><BR>I can see how the user would view the content with a (XSL) stylesheet but how is the user "editing" content with an (XSL) stylesheet?<BR><BR>How big are your XML files? If they aren&#039t huge you could just save them as files and use the XMLDOM parser to read them with asp since as XML they are already represent structured content.

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