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    Hello,<BR> i have to write a code(asp) to get a new banner when i reload or refresh the page every time. i have the code which rotates according to percentage of time given to change the banner.I have got few samples from different sites,but those are all using ASP+. <BR>can anybody tell me in which site i can get the help fo this?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>keerthi

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    hello....<BR><BR>r u asp coder....??<BR><BR>or new learner...??<BR><BR> i am learning asp, while developing asp application...<BR><BR>can we share the this way... ??<BR><BR>can u suggest new sites for it....??<BR><BR>i have one ...that is<BR><BR>check it out...<BR><BR>have a nice day...<BR><BR>mail at :<BR><BR>- prakash

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