Anyone know a good place to post a resume?

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Thread: Anyone know a good place to post a resume?

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    Default Anyone know a good place to post a resume?

    I am a danish (european for those bad at geography) ASP developer with some years of experience looking for a chance to move to the states and work - probably west coast.<BR><BR>Anyone know which job engines are the best? Where do the most companies look? Where do the companies capable of taking europeans look (as of job permits etc)? Who pays the better (of course it matters.. :&#062; )?<BR><BR>Gimme a few links and I&#039ll do the tour myself. Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: Anyone know a good place to post a resume? is a good place to post resume or search for resume in ur locality or with good salary positions.<BR>Other sites like, alos good places to start with.<BR>Best of luck.<BR>

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    E! Guest

    Default RE: Anyone know a good place to post a resume?<BR><BR>

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    Narendra Waghe Guest

    Default RE: Anyone know a good place to post a resume?

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