I have a database which has a table called tblbody which has a field called body of the type varchar and length 8000. <BR><BR>I have entered some database which contains 4000 characters. <BR><BR>I am using the following code to create a connection object to the database <BR><BR>con.open "driver={SQL Server};server=mysql_srv;uid=sa;pwd=;database=mydb ase" <BR><BR>I am using the following code to creat a recordset object <BR><BR>sqlstr = "SELECT * FROM tblbody&#039" <BR>set RS1 = con.execute(sqlstr) <BR><BR>Now when I display the content of body feild response.write RS1!body I get only the first 255 character. <BR><BR>I am totaly bugged by this problem and dont know just what to do. Can anybody please rescue me from this problem?. thanks in advance. <BR>