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    sathiya Guest

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    hi,<BR> Can anyone tell where i can get details about using DB2 in ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Sathiya

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    Tim Westmoreland Guest

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    I would look at IBM&#039s web site.<BR><BR>I would look for an ODBC driver of OLEDB Provider for your host computer.

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    &nbsp;<BR> Hi Sathya<BR><BR> you can use DB2 provided you should have ODBC driver<BR> for DB2 or OLEDB Provider for DB2 . I think latest version<BR> of DB2 must have an OLEDB provider for DB2 , if u are using<BR> old version then you can use ODBC<BR><BR> I hope this will help you<BR><BR> Arvind.

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