I&#039m putting out a general call for someone who just wants to get some hands-on experience working with ASP on an online auction website that I&#039m developing.<BR><BR>I&#039m using ASPWatch Auction code and want to enable the use of proxy bids. I&#039m told by my current programmer that the modifications will require knowledge of Visual Basic in order to modify DLLs included in the code.<BR><BR>It may go more smoothly if there is someone out there already familiar with the auction code, as there is no documentation available for the DLL processing. Unfortunately, the ASPwatch site did not complete the documentation articles when they posted the code for use by others. The documentation stops with a "promise" to explain the bid processing in the next article which never appeared.<BR><BR>If you believe that you can take on this job (OR IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED), please email me back at: desertblue@yahoo.com.<BR><BR>This isn&#039t a paying gig, but you will get full credit in the code and in my website portfolio. As a designer, I&#039m also willing to help you set up an online portfolio for yourself in compensation for this work.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Sharon Julien<BR>Web Developer<BR><BR>desertblue@yahoo.com<BR>