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    I just want a sample asp page to do a simple search.<BR>I want a person to search for my list of people by name and<BR>have it spit out the name and their phone numbers associated with them. Any asp pages out their I can copy.<BR>I just need it for my form(action="***.asp")

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    Default The easy way out....

    Where are these names and "stuff" stored in the DB i assume. This is an EASY page what have you got ried so far if anything. <BR><BR>Try your hand at SOMETHING and if it does not work post it here and there will be a lot of people trying to help you <BR><BR>OR --&#062; this part will help you and ME<BR><BR>I will GIVE you the code it will take me about 5 hours and i charge $86 an hour os that will be <BR><BR>5 * 86 = $430<BR>less 4guysfromrolla discount $30<BR><BR>total $400<BR><BR>send me the moeny and you will get the in 5 min but i will have to work on it from now to get it ready when i get the money..sound like a good deal to you???

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