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    I am building a web app with ASP, and have come across this error. I do not think it&#039s my scripts, because they work fine--until something ticks off the server. Then, all the scripts that read from the ODBC Access database give this error.<BR><BR>Provider error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Unspecified error <BR><BR>I end up having to restart the server (NT 4). Then, everything works fine again. What&#039s causing this?

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    This is common when using Access since it cannot handle very many concurrent users. There are also a number of other reasons for this error but I have found that it is usually related to the connection. One of your scripts is probably creating a connection error and then the db "hangs". Adding connection error checking every time you open your connections will minimize the problem.<BR><BR>A few things to do:<BR>1. Be sure to open your connection as late as possible and close it as soon as possible. Use getrows. Use update and insert queries rather than .addnew and .update<BR>2. Be sure to check of errors after you open your connection. If there is an error, close the connection and set it to nothing.<BR>3. Use multiple databases. If you have differenct apps opening the same database, think about splitting up into a few databases. This will reduce the number of concurrent users on each database.<BR>4. Upgrade to SQL. Once you upgrade, you will never go back.<BR><BR>I solved this neverending problem by upgrading to SQL and have not had a single connection error in 6 months. I have error checking that sends me an email every time the connection fails and not one email yet unless the server goes down.<BR><BR>MG

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