Ok, I can&#039t figure this out.<BR><BR>I have two forms. One for adding entries and one for editing/deleting.<BR><BR>Both use SA-FileUp<BR><BR>The adding entries form works fine. Files get moved correctly. The second form doesn&#039t work. I get an Out of Memory: "Upl.Form" to execute the following code (I simplified it but still get the same error):<BR><BR>set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")<BR><BR> Response.Write Upl.Form("txtTitle")<BR><BR>Response.End<BR><BR>It does not fail at the Set statement but at the Response.write statement.<BR><BR>I can&#039t find anything in the Knowledge Base or anything. I have re-installed SA-FileUp, re-booted the server, checked to ensure that the memory in the server isn&#039t completely utilized, recreated the MTS package numerous times, kicked it, swore at it, etc etc...nothing seems to help. This is IIS 4, NT 4, SP 6A<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!