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    Default INSERT INTO HELL !!!

    Hi,<BR>I am using an Insert into command to add a new record into an access database, everything works fine unless some enters any special characters like<BR>"<BR>or<BR>&#039<BR>this characters affect my SQL string which contains the INSERT command. I have tried using the HTMLEncode and URLEncode medthods.<BR>The first doesn&#039t work at all and the second inputs the data into the database fine, but when I read it our i just get the encoded version. <BR><BR>How can decode, what has been encoded using the URLEncode method ?<BR><BR>Or <BR><BR>Can anyone suggest a better way to get this characters into the database ?<BR><BR>Cheers

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    At the top of this page, when you aren&#039t viewing any messages, the heading includes a line that says<BR><BR>Please read the Commonly Asked Questions before posting to the board...<BR><BR>Now, if you click on "Commonly Asked Questions", you end up on a page that lists various kinds of questions. If you now click on "Database Related questions", you end up on a page with several FAQs. Look at the FOURTH ONE there. It has two answers. Probably worth reading both of them. (After all, I wrote both of them...grin... Seriously, they answer both the question and, I hope, provide you with insights on how to debug *other* related problems, as well.)<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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