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    I have an ASP page called Default.asp and this page contains an HTML form that you select an item from one list of categories (populated from a database table) and then based on the user&#039s selection, the subcategories are populated (from another database table). I set the form&#039s action to Default.asp and used value="&#060;%=Request.Form("fieldname")%&#062; so that the previously filled in form fields would repopulate when the subcategories populate. My question is this:<BR>I had a second asp page that contained the code to submit the form values to the database, how can I redirect to this page so that the form contents submit to the database because I tried creating variables and then using var = Request.Form("fieldname") to pass the form values to the second page but it didn&#039t work. I hope I am explaining this clearly.<BR>Ultimately, I need to have 2 pages otherwise my response page will have the original HTML form on it and I don&#039t want that. THanks in advance.

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    &nbsp;<BR>so you actually need to submit the 1 form to 2 different pages then?<BR><BR>I would have thought that you would reload the page (or just update the required sub-categories) when you select from the list of categories using the "OnChange" event on that form field.<BR><BR>Then the regular form "submit" could be done to your second asp page.<BR><BR>failing that you can use the submit method wherever you wish not just with a submnit button......<BR><BR>eg &#060;input type="radio" value="whatever" name="whatever" onClick="vbscript:document.forms.myFormName.submit "&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>hope that helps<BR>

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