OK I&#039ve read the posts here but I don&#039t think I quite have a solution to this yet - would appreciate some help<BR><BR>I have a record amend function on my site - it reads the record to amend (no locking) and allows user to alter details on a form. This form then posts to some other asp which reads and locks the record then updates it.<BR><BR>Problem is, what if 2 people are amending the same record at the same time? How can I make a lock persist from one page (my form) to another (the asp that actually updates the record)?<BR><BR>I&#039ve looked at the Transaction methods (commit, rollback) etc but can&#039t really see how I can do this as when each page is unloaded you actually loose the db connection!<BR><BR>please can someone HELP!<BR><BR><BR><BR>