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    I&#039ve read several times that the use of session variables must be as limited as possible, & that usage of cookies is not recommended. If this is so, then how do professional ASP sites store user entered info (info which could span say 30-40 different variable.) ?<BR><BR>Can anyone help me get out of this dilemma?<BR><BR>Myhunts

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    Store the user session information a database. Pass a GUID from page to page after a user logs in. You can do this without cookies, for maximum compatibility.<BR><BR>This has the added benefit of allowing you to utilize a web farm in the future, where the requests may be routed to different servers every time.<BR><BR>

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    Ok, so you mean to say that I should store the user entered data in a table with the necessary MAx columns & have a unique key using which I can manipulate that dats. Right !!!

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