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    Charissa Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I would like to ask the ASP gurus on how do I make a Print and Fax buttons using ASP. I would like to print some recordset of the Access database i am using in my ASP program.<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    Charissa,<BR><BR>It all depends on what you really want to do. Are you trying to print on the client side or the server side? If client side, you can use the Javascript window.print() function. However, all this does is simulate the user hitting the PRINT button (in other words, they still have to choose which printer they want and click the OK button).<BR><BR>If you want to AUTOMATICALLY print or FAX on the client side, you are facing a BIG uphill battle. First, you would have to write a custom application in the form of a plugin (or, if you can guarantee that your users will all have IE, you could create an ActiveX control - same concept). You would have to package that plugin for easy download and installation into the user&#039s browser. And most importantly (and difficult) you would have to have the user&#039s complete trust, otherwise they will (rightly) refuse to allow the component to be installed. After all, would YOU let someone install a component on your PC that could arbitrarily make long distance phone calls on your dime, without your permission or knowledge? Pretty scary stuff.<BR><BR>If, however, you want to print/fax on the server side, it&#039s fairly easy. I&#039ve done this with some custom components before, and could give you some pointers.<BR><BR>Let us know which one you mean.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Charissa Guest

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    Thanks for the response!<BR>Yup the program i am making is supposed to be printing/faxing in client side. And i think what you suggested would help. But i would like to also know how will i program the print/fax button on the server side.<BR><BR>Thanks you again.<BR><BR><BR>

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