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Thread: Updating Tables with NO Primary key

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    I&#039m developing an application where a single search criteria can result in more than one records. The problem is that the user can modify any of these records which will be updated in the database. I&#039m not sure how to keep track of which record on the HTML form corresponds to which record of the datbase. Can anyone help me by suggesting the possible ways in which I can update records in database when there is no primary key in the transaction table.<BR><BR>One way I understand is by using ROWID (I&#039m working on Oracle).<BR><BR>Myhunts

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    You must have some sort of unique value for each record. Then, when you build your form, use a hidden form field to hold the unique id. Then when you process the page use the request.form method just as you do the other field and use the unique id in your sql for your where clause.

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