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    gert Guest

    Default Database Password in DAO ??

    Hi,<BR><BR>I repair, compress a database via ASP and DAO. The following lines works fine for a nonprotected database:<BR><BR>Engine.CompactDatabase "db1.mdb", "db2.mdb"<BR>Engine.RepairDatabase "db1.mdb"<BR><BR>What is the syntax for a password protected db? The following lines give me an error:<BR><BR>Engine.RepairDatabase "db1.mdb;pwd=hello"<BR>Engine.CompactDatabase "db1.mdb;pwd=hello", "db2.mdb, pwd=hello"<BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    gert Guest

    Default correction to the last line of code

    in the last line the , is a ; of course but the error remains.

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    I think u need to put the Password in Quotes.<BR>pwd="Hello"<BR><BR>I am not sure if u tried this out but if u haven&#039t then try it out and see what happens...

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