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    In my application I have an URL which is nearly 3 lines long and i want to send this URL as a link in the body of the message using CDONTS. Presently only first line of the URL is hyperlinked and the rest 2 lines which is a continuation of the first line is not hyperlinked. But i want the whole url as a hyper link.<BR>Example:The URL is http://123.456.7.89/products/products_details.asp?city=01&Current
    Page=1&parent=APHCOMP&model=APH0002&vendorcd=demo1 &vendor=<BR>Only the first line of the URL i.e.<BR>http://123.456.7.89/products/products_details.asp?city=01&Current
    iis hyperlinked and the second line of the URL i.e.<BR>Page=1&parent=APHCOMP&model=APH0002&vendor cd=demo1&vendor=<BR>which is the continuation of the first line is not hyperlinked.<BR>But i want the whole URL as a hyperlink.<BR>

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    did you REALLY need to ask this twice????<BR><BR>j

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