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    I&#039m reading about Class modules that you build in Visual Studio and which seem to end in a .cls suffix.<BR><BR>Are these different from classes you might just create as part of an .asp page?<BR><BR>I guess the cls suffix is nothing more than an easy identifier for the file...<BR>

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    yeah.. basically a .cls file a class module you can insert into part of your project in vb or what not. In vbscript/asp the rules are pretty much the same. Except the vb .cls file is formatted differently with some rules for vb to use at compile time and other crap. And it doesnt contain a class...end class declaration vb already takes care of that. If you wanted to merge a vb cls file to asp you would have to strip some stuff out. If you use option explicit in your vb class then the first line where you would want to copy to the end of file is all the code you would want. so option explicit ---&#062; end of file<BR><BR>class yourclassname<BR>&#039&#039 all in here without the option explicit. <BR>end class<BR><BR>set yourObj = new yourclassname <BR><BR>:)

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