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    hi,<BR><BR>want to store my recipes in a database. currently have them in a word document. know a bit of asp, and what i&#039d like to do is store them in a db (MSAccess), so that they can be accessed via ASP so that family and freinds can try them out. I know how to access records in a db using ASP, but with a recipe I have sooo much text (ingredients, directions...). Any suggestions on how I might do this?<BR><BR>I may be senior, but I am not dull :)<BR><BR>thanks for help,<BR><BR>gramma

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    a relational table would be the way to go. it&#039<BR>s a bit of an involved subject, so i suggest you grab a book (or at minimum a decent web tutorial) on database design, which should tell you exactly how to get it done.<BR><BR>try to search for tutorials<BR><BR>j

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