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    Is there a way to replace a database error message with something a little more informative to site viewers? I&#039m really looking for a tutorial on this, since I think it is probably something that is relatively easy to do. Does anyone know where I could find a tutorial or article on this subject?

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    (1) Learn about On Error Resume Next and On Error Goto 0 in VBScript. <BR><BR>(2) After ignoring an error (via Resume Next), you then go look at the error code(s) and display your own choice of messages based on those codes. (Or, perhaps, if something basic fails, such as an error opening a DB, you don&#039t really care about the just say "I give up".)<BR><BR>(3) Learn about two kinds of error codes. Those in the built-in-to-VBscript "Err" object. Those in the Connection.Errors collection (which is a collection of ADODB.Error objects).<BR><BR>Go read up on all this in any good reference book (even the MSDN references reached via the links on left pane of this page) and then, if you don&#039t understand some of it, come back and ask questions. Okay?<BR><BR><BR>

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