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    New to ASP and Web Authoring - have written a simple hit counter using ASP Text Streams -reading and writing to a counter.txt.<BR>Web host is NT and I access this using WS-FTP Pro (predominantly unix but works fine). Target both my counter.asp and counter.txt into cgi-bin but get a permission denied on running script at point where it writes the new count back to counter.txt. Cannot use chmod since site is NT - how can I write my count back ? Web host says I have all read write permissions in cgi-bin but feel there must be an NT means of insuring I have full permissions to write back to my counter.txt.<BR>Regards

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    al dawg Guest

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    Try putting the counter.txt in a folder called _vti_log<BR><BR>When servers install front page extensions, it holds directories like that for full read-write permissions. You, personally, may have read-write in the cgi-bin, but the anonymous internet user may not.<BR><BR>

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