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    Hi all,<BR>How do I pass a recordset from one page to another<BR>thank<BR>

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    &#062; How do I pass a recordset from one page to another<BR><BR>Try not to. It&#039s a real pain. You can&#039t save a RecordSet object in a Session value and you can&#039t send any objects to the browswer (at least, not as objects, per se). You can use RecordSet.Save to save the data in either XML or an MS-proprietary format. Then on the next page you can reload a RS from either of those textual formats. But it&#039s likely not worth it. If you are passing the recordset along for purposes of "paging", you are better off understanding the ways to make paging work well with ADODB. HINT: Learn about all the various RecordSet properties, including MaxRecords and PageSize and AbsolutePage and and and. And don&#039t count records by stepping through the entire recordset (shudder).<BR><BR>

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