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    I am new to this so I need some help. I need to query an SQL database and turn that data into an area chart. The query must be done over multiple tables (same info but there are daily tables) which means the query must be looped and the data must be sent to some sort of cursor. From there I need to take the data and chart the values for each specific day all in one graph. Is ASP the way to go?

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    ASP is *one* way to go.<BR><BR>But to produce anything beyond a bar chart, you&#039ll need *some* sort of component that can convert data to a chart.<BR><BR>Unless you are working in an inTRAnet situation, where you could use Excel to display the charts, you&#039ll need a third-party charting component. I believe that both Software Artisans and offer such components. There are probably others.<BR><BR>What you want to do is *not* hard at all if you have the proper components to support the effort.<BR><BR>

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    Thanks Bill!<BR>

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