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    I installed IIS 5.0 and am testing it out and it will not run any ASP scripts. My computer name is "tyson" and I type http://tyson/localstart.asp and I get error 500 (internal server error) Page cannot be displayed. <BR><BR>The web server is running and I created a snap-in in the MMC and the default web site is running fine. I also checked the web browser (IE 5.0) and I am not using a proxy in the LAN Settings.<BR><BR>I can&#039t find the problem. <BR><BR>

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    check the following :<BR><BR>Application Settings (script map)<BR>Services Applet (control panel)<BR>normal html files<BR>via<BR>via http://localhost/<BR>via fully qualified IP (if you have one)<BR><BR>j<BR>

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