Limitation on size of request object?

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Thread: Limitation on size of request object?

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    Dave R Guest

    Default Limitation on size of request object?

    I&#039m trying to create a page with a similar setup to a message board forum. I want to enable the user to type in an article in the textarea and pull that text into a database field. I&#039ve got the database setup and it works, but I can&#039t get the page to work.<BR><BR>If I enter a large amount of text, and hit the submit button, the record is not saved. I&#039ve examined the request object and found that the value relating to the text has been truncated. Is there a way around this problem? I don&#039t want to use client-side code for processing, so I need to be able to pull the text in to the server-side code.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Dave

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    Are you using get or post to submit your data?

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    Default megabytes for Request.Form...

    ...but usually only 512 bytes or less for Request.QueryString.<BR><BR>If you are using QueryString, stop doing so.<BR><BR>If you are using Request.Form, you have some other problem.<BR><BR>

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    Dave R Guest

    Default Thanks!!

    I didn&#039t have a method specified. I added &#039method=post&#039 and referenced the item I wanted with the request.form variable and it seems to be working fine. Amazing how simple things can be sometimes...

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