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    I recently started using SQL Server 6.5 Developer Edition as shipped with Visual Studio. Everything is fine except that I can not get any fields to be greater than 255 characters. I have a long text field (up to 2000) characters and all I get when I try and define a varchar field &#062;255 is the message:<BR><BR>"Column Length Must be between 1 and 255" <BR><BR>According to Microsoft the only limitations with the "Developer Edition" are related to speed and 10 or less users.<BR><BR>All the included help files indicate that varchar should be able to handle this.<BR>What am I missing here...?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mike

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    VarChar for SQL 6.5 only supports up to 255 characters. VarChar for SQL 7 supports up to 8000 characters. You would want to use the Text datatype in this case for SQL 6.5.

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    I tried using the text type and I am still only allowed 256 characters. <BR>This pretty surprizing since even Access can handle mich bigger with a memo data type. <BR><BR>Thanks for your reply anyway. <BR>Mike

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