Netscape PR3240.DLL Causes an illegal operation

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Thread: Netscape PR3240.DLL Causes an illegal operation

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    I have a page where customers use a combo box, select an item and hit go.<BR><BR>In IE it generates a nice table with pictures, hyperlinks and the info about each product in that category.<BR><BR>--Flame Netscape Area--<BR>HOWEVER - NETSCAPE<BR>may work - may not work, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why it fails. Sometimes the code works 1 time and crashes, sometimes it works 5 times and crashes. I found a reference to a problem with PR3240.DLL after hours oif screwing around on Netscape&#039s Site, it basically said that there was an possible issue with a data retrieval plug-in. Period. No update, no service pack, no updated plug-in. I have sent 5 emails to Netscape Tech Support, Never a Reply. I saw a thread earlier in the Newsgroup flaming Netscape as SUCKING BADLY. I agree wholeheartedly.<BR>--End Flame--<BR><BR>I need to know if anyone else has had this problem with not being able to generate dynamic database pages with graphics and hyperlinks under Netscape, and if you have had this problem, how did you resolve it?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Jason Hutt

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    Hardly an ASP performance issue is it? <BR><BR>Netscape 4.x has been (almost) abandoned in favour of Mozilla, which is nearing completion. Netscape has always looked slower with dynamic pages than IE for some reason, probably to do with the way it retrieves pages via http. DOn&#039t worry about it, it&#039ll go away eventually. <BR><BR>sign yourself up at and add your voice to the fight for a browser that works<BR><BR>j

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